Terms and Conditions

  • For open public sessions seats are very limited and reservable online only. Classes with less than 6 registered painters will be rescheduled. All scheduled painters will receive a studio credit to use toward a future visit.* Walk in option is NOT available.* Arranged seating will be done to the absolute best of our ability.
  • This is a public setting. ALL pictures/video taken are by us become property of The Baroquen Canvas giving us the right to be used at our discretion.

Reservation Cancellation Policy:

  • Paint colors may vary between the colors used in the demo photo and the ones used during our session based on the quantity of paint on hand.
  • The Baroquen Canvas wishes to provide the community with a family oriented environment whose main focus is to provide a fun, relaxing social experience through the use of acrylic paint and canvas. All classes are held within a group setting. The direction of all social paint classes is determined by what is best for the group as a whole.
  • There are NO refunds once payment has been made, however if you notify the studio via email, voicemail, text, or messenger, at least 48 HOURS PRIOR to class start time, a studio credit will be issued for use toward a future session.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact the studio to obtain your studio credit.
  • If you notify the studio less than 48 hours prior to class start time or do not show up at all, NO STUDIO CREDIT will be issued. No exceptions. This is the policy of nearly all “reserve & take” paint studios, as our income is based on each seat being filled. Without advance notice, we do not have the opportunity to fill those seats. Please keep this in mind when booking.
  • Private event hosts must cancel no less than 7 days prior to the event in order to receive a full refund of their deposit.
  • All studio credits expire within 60 days of issuance.

Inclement Weather:

  • Class will be canceled if a weather emergency is declared or we determine the roads are too unsafe for travel, otherwise our cancellation policy remains as stated above.
  • All weather cancellations will be posted via our official webpage in the canceled classes heading, our Facebook business page, and our Instagram business page.

Late Arrivals:

  • If you arrive 15 minutes or more late we will accommodate you to the best of our ability.
  • No refunds or studio credits will be given for late arrivals.
  • Only persons registered via our online reservation will be given entry.  No nonpaying guests will be permitted to remain on site without being required to purchase a reservation. All seats are reserved for painters only.
  • In the event of impromptu sessions, such as Snow Day sessions, only those patrons acknowledged by The Baroquen Canvas will be given entry.
  • Please do not arrive early for your paint session to allow for the cleanup and resetting of paint sessions.
  • The Baroquen Canvas is not responsible for lost, stolen, or paint damaged items. It is best to leave all unneeded valuables in locked vehicles.
  • Snacks and drinks are welcome providing all drinks have a lid.
  • All general paint sessions are for ages 7 & up unless specified in the event heading.
  • Special paint sessions designed for children 6 & under will allow for one nonpaying adult to attend to assist children for every 3 paid children.
  • All staff and fellow painters will be treated with the utmost respect. Patience is expected as they tend to the needs of all guests.
  • Foul language nor crude, rude, offensive, or self-absorbed behavior will be tolerated.

Red Card Policy:

  • When the expectations of The Baroquen Canvas have not been met, as listed here and via our official webpage, patrons will have a red card discretely placed in front of them requiring immediate vacation of the painting event.
  • Dismissal from a Baroquen Canvas event is non-negotiable. No studio credits nor permission to attend any future Baroquen Canvas paint session will be given.