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  • Going Mobile March 2018!

    Based on trends for the past 2 years, and as a convenience to our guest, The Baroquen Canvas will be operating strictly on site beginning March 1st, 2018. This means instead of you having to come to us, we come to you! This allows us to service a broader areas, be more flexible in availability,  and gives families to ability to plan more appropriately for smaller children when babysitters are not an option. We just paint at home!

    We will still be hosting monthly events at community locations such restaurants, community centers, and other local businesses. An open public session last approximately 2 hours, at $35 per person, all materials and instruction is provided by The Baroquen Canvas. We will work to adhere to the policies of the hosting location. Regular sessions are for ages 7 & up unless specified in the class description

    Public events for children are $15.00 per mini session. Kid’s sessions last around 1 hour 15 minute. The price may vary for special events. Price, time of class, and age limits, will always be listed in the description of the class.

    Private event locations will now be determined by the event host/hostess. Private events for adults require a 12 painter minimum, at the rate of $35.oo per painter,  AND the location is within 30 minutes of London. Private events that exceed 30 minutes will require a minimum of 12 paid painters and at the rate of $40.oo per painter. The maximum distance traveled will be 1 hour, one way. The Baroquen Canvas has enough materials, tables, and seating to accommodate up to 50 painters at one time. For groups of 25 or more the discounted rate of $25.00 per painter.

    Private events for children require a 12 painter minimum, at $20.00 per painter, with a distance of 30 minutes or less from London, KY. Distances in excess of 30 minutes will be at the rate of $25.00 per painter, again with a minimum of 12 painters. The maximum distance traveled will be 1 hour, one way. For groups of 25 or more the discounted rate of $15.00 per painter will apply.

    We are excited about the upcoming changes. We hope to broaden our customer base while making planning easier for our guests. We will continue to provide our guest with the most exciting experiences possible!

    Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for occasional savings and drawings for our sessions.

  • Hall Things Considered

    Eeeek, wetimes_tribune made the paper! How exciting!

    Read what nighttime editor Brad Hall had to say about his recent visit to our studio!

  • Gender Reveal Session

    gender_revealThe Baroquen Canvas is now offering the opportunity to book private “Gender Reveal”  sessions. During this special time, guests will follow step-by-step instruction to paint a likeness of the soon to be mommy, using her skin tone and hair color. The final and MOST exciting moment will be the addition of a blue or pink “bow,” revealing to family and friends the baby’s gender! How sweet is that! If you want to add even more surprise to the event, the soon to be parents could find out their baby’s gender alongside their loved ones by bringing a note from the doctor revealing the baby’s gender in a sealed envelope for the instructor.  Talking about a special moment!

  • The Baroquen Canvas is Happening!

    We’ve gained alot of interest since opening just 10 days ago!Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my venture!

    In addition to new friends, I’ve had lots of text, calls, and messages asking about our monthly events. To keep everyone “in the know” I wanted to let you know our plans for each month. So here it goes!

    In addition to general public sessions our month is gonna look something like this…

    • A Date Night, maybe 2 depending on interest

    • One Girls Night Out a month

    • A “You & Me” session which involves a scene spread across two canvases, 1 (16 x 20) & 1 (8 x 10) canvas created by an adult and a child

    • 1 seasonal/holiday wooden door hanger a month for your front door. March will represent “Big Blue Madness”

    • 1 “Tiny Tots” mini session for 3-6 year olds

    • 1 girls and 1 boys only event for children

    • Impromptu mini sessions like “snow Day”

    • Summer will look a little different as we may add some summer camps and additional daytime sessions

    • All private sessions will be worked in around these events.


    Have suggestions? I wanna know! Email me with your thoughts, were always ready to hear new ideas!

  • Looking Forward To Our First Class!

    Just wanted to let everyone know I have been working very, very hard to get ready for February! I have been painting for what I hope to be our very first “Valentines Date Night, Girls Night Out, and “Papa & Me” event aimed at daddies/granddaddies and their baby girls. I know, how sweet right!?! You will certainly want to check back regularly for our very first The Baroquen Canvas giveaway, as well as continue to invite your friends to like/share/follow/stalk our page.  Be sure to let them know this won’t be a “stuffy” art lesson, but rather a social event surrounded by the people you love most, where you get the opportunity to try something new, while you sing along with songs of old! Were gonna have a blast–scouts honor!